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Leimomi wheeler
Fiscal Support & Program Coordinator

Personal Profile


Momi Wheeler was born and raised in Wahiawā, Oʻahu and resides in Waikahekahe Nui, Hawaiʻi. Her ʻohana lineage is to the ʻāina of Puna and Kohala, Hawaiʻi and Makaweli, Kauaʻi.  She is a graduate of the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo (UHH) receiving a B.S. in agriculture with a specialty in aquaculture. For over 12 years, Momi is grateful to have worked with private archaeology firms in Hawaiʻi gaining experience with various Wahi Kūpuna Stewardship (WKS) projects.  Currently, her kuleana with Huliauapaʻa is serving as their Outreach and Project Coordinator including an instructor for the Wahi Kūpuna Internship Program (WKIP). As well as, kuleana with the social enterprise/sister company of Huliauapaʻa, Nohopapa Hawaiʻi, LCC, serving as a kanaka ʻōiwi researcher and field kōkua on various WKS projects throughout the pae ʻāina. She enjoys giving back to ka lāhui in the perpetuation of Aloha ʻĀina and is a native stream life enthusiast.

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