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Huliauapaʻa partnered with Kamehameha Schools pilot an integrated resource management mentorship pipeline program to support future generations of integrated resource management leaders. The program included two participant interns through Huliauapaʻa’s AmeriCorps program. The two participant interns worked in the Puʻuloa area, specifically in Waiawa Kai and Mokauea. The interns focused on building the capacity of ʻāina stewarding organizations working in Waiawa Kai and Mokauea. In addition to capacity building activities, the interns also assisted two part-time student interns from the University of Hawaiʻi at West Oʻahu in developing virtual engagement resources for K12 education. The team produced three virtual engagement resources (for Waiawa, Mokauea, and Kalauao) that are  available for teachers, K12 learners, community members, and families interested in the ʻEwa moku.


The “Kupaʻāina Stories” was produced by ʻĀina Paikai for Huliauapaʻa's ʻĀina Internship Program, a partnership with Kamehameha Schools.  This virtual huakaʻi series showcases the stories and perspectives of the people caring for and stewarding different sites throughout ʻEwa. Moreover, these videos were created to help educate about various sites throughout ʻEwa and are directed towards teachers, K12 learners, community members, and families within the ʻEwa moku.

The first clip visits Kuhiawaho in Waiawa Kai, where we showcase the cultural landscape and seek to begin conversations on the importance of wai and how it helps in growing our kalo. The next two short videos focus on wai and loko iʻa. The second clip is of Mokauea in Keʻehi where Keahulani Kupihea, executive director of Mauliʻola Keʻehi (a Hawaiian place-based organization), shared about the rich history of the area and their organization which focuses on the transformative healing through culture and art. The last clip is of Loko Paʻaiau in Kalauao, with its various stewards of that place such as Kehaulani Lum, Bruce Keaulani, and other volunteers and community members.

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